RIDER CHECK-IN: Riders may pick up their numbers and check in at Trinity High School’s cafeteria on Friday, from 3pm to 7pm and on Saturday morning from 7am to 7:45.

RIDER WAIVER: All riders must fill out and sign the Team Bigfoot liability waiver. A rider will be issued a rider number until we have the both waiver signed.



The pre-race instructions and meeting will last until just minutes before the start so all solo riders and the first rider to do a lap for a team should arrive at the riders meeting READY TO RACE!

START / FINISH: We'll start the race promptly at 9am. Riders will line up in the bus area of the high school parking lot. Pros and experts will be at the front, intermediate riders behind them and beginners at the back. The course exits through the back of the school past the baseball fields and then veers onto a fireroad. We recommend pre-riding this whole section prior as there is a steep downhill about a ¼ mile out that will be safer if you know it.

RIDER DISMOUNT: All riders must dismount point upon going up the curb to reach the timing windows. All riders must dismount and walk—not run to the timing windows. Once the lap is recorded riders must continue to walk the end of the sidewalk. “Scootering” (standing on one pedals while pushing the bike along like a scooter) is also not allowed. Riders who repeatedly run or scooter will be assessed a 15-minute penalty.

LAP COUNTING: The Four Hours of Weaverville is over at 1pm and only laps completed by 1pm will be counted. The Weaverville Nine to Five is over at 5pm and only laps completed by 5pm will be counted.

TEAM BATONS: Each team will be provided with a small wood baton that must be carried by the rider on course (solos do not need batons—they are not passing off to anyone.) At the timing window, upon the completion of each lap, a rider must stop at the timing table, turn his/her handlebars toward the timing staff, a team rider must tap his/her team’s baton on the timing table. A rider may not depart until he/she has received a “thumbs up” from the timing staff, indicating that the lap has been recorded and the possession of the baton has been verified.

Many teams lose valuable time due to a rider having to frantically search for his/her baton at the timing window. We recommend coming up with an easy to access means of carrying the baton.

FINISH CHUTE / TIMING WINDOWS: Each lap is complete when the rider stops in front of the timing window at the front of the cafeteria to show his/her number. This area will be divided off into a chute with flagging tape. DO NOT ENTER THE CHUTE UNLESS YOU ARE COMPLETING A LAP. Entering the chute at any other time will trigger the timing and the timing staff will have to manually remove that false lap…and they won’t be real happy with you. Let’s keep the timing staff happy, okay?

LOSS OF A BATON: Any team that loses a baton will be assessed a 15 minute penalty; meaning that for a four hour rider/team only laps completed by 12:45pm will count. A team that is assessed a penalty can have that penalty reversed by finding their missing baton.

RIDER NUMBER: Each rider will be provided with a number that must be attached to the handlebars of the bicycle in front of the cables and brake lines. Team riders will all have the same number, but will also have a letter to designate each individual rider. It is the responsibility of each team to put the right number with the right rider. Riders who wish to use a second bicycle may be provided with a second number—just ask when you check in.

RIDER TRANSITIONS: Rider switching MUST NOT occur at the timing table, but may occur at any point beyond the taped off check-in area. When switching riders the rider baton must be passed to the next rider going out on course.

COMMUNICATION WITH TIMING STAFF: Our timing staff is very busy throughout the race. Distractions lead to mistakes. Please do not hang around the timing window. If you need to communcate with the staff please do not inturrupt them. Instead, approach the window and stand to one side, leaving enough room for riders to pass. Wait for one of our staff to acknowledge you. They will address your needs as soon as there is a gap between riders. Keep any communication brief and leave the timing window as soon as possible.

PLEASE CARRY YOUR CELL PHONE: We are fortunate that cell phone reception is available for much of the course. We ask that riders carry their phones for added safety. Prompt reporting of an injured rider is vital in getting that rider attended to as quickly as possible.

CANCELLING A LAP: Another reason to carry a cell phone is it enables a team to cancel a lap in the event that a rider is physically or mechanically unable to complete his/her lap. To cancel a lap the rider on course will call his/her team-mates. Another team member may then go out for the next lap only after that team-mate has informed the Team Bigfoot timing staff of the need for a cancelled lap.

COURSE & MARKING: The course is 11.7 miles long with 1900 feet + of elevation gain. The course is marked with yellow arrows. Please pay attention to the arrows and understand that since we must keep the other trails on the mountain open to other users, wrong trails will NOT be taped off. Wrong trails will be marked with red “W” or “Wrong” signs or may be blocked off with branches. In short, if you see a side trail that doesn’t have an arrow telling you to turn onto it…DON’T.

SELF SUFFICIENCY RULE: The standard NORBA self-sufficiency cross-country rules apply, meaning that once on course, only the rider him/herself may work on the bike, and only with tools and parts carried on the bike. Each lap must be completed on the same bike on which it began. Once back at the finish line, you can switch bikes, get help from your team or spectators or Santa Claus for that matter, but you gotta get there under your own power and with your own mechanical know-how and ingenuity.

FASTEST LAP: We'll keep lap times, and there will be a prize to the rider with the fastest lap.

AWARDS: Each solo or team member in a given category will receive a medal for 1st to 3rd placings.

PRIZE RAFFLE: There will also be a drawing for sponsor schwag:each All participants receive one ticket, 1st place solo riders or first place team member gets three additional tickets, 2nd place gets two additional tickets, 3rd place gets one additional ticket.

REST ROOMS: There are restrooms in the hall on the right side of the cafeteria building and also down the stairs in the locker rooms.

SHOWERS: The locker rooms will be open for showers. Be sure to bring towels, soap, etc.

WATER STATION: There will be a water station at the top of the climbl. There will also be water, Hammer Gels, Hammer Heed. We’ll also have water and Hammer products at the transition area.

RESULTS POSTING: We'll post results at least every two hours. Please check your results and if you find a mistake, let the Team Bigfoot timing staff know as soon as possible so that we can make any corrections. With our computerized timing system and our paper back-up we are able to provide very accurate results, but mistakes happen.

FINAL RESULTS & 15 MINUTE PROTEST PERIOD: A final set of results will be posted within ten minutes of the race completion. It is up to each racer/team to check the results and report any mistakes within 15 minutes of their being posted. If after 15 minutes no mistakes have been reported, the results will be declared official and no changes will be made after that. The time to protest is during the 15 minutes; not during awards, not later that night, and not by e-mail the following week.